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Mangrove forests are some of the world’s most valuable coastal ecosystems—and they’re being destroyed at an alarming rate. We’ve lost 50% of the world’s mangroves just in the past half century, and if current trends continue, the remaining mangroves could be gone within the next 100 years.

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RT @IUCN: Not just a defence against extreme weather, mangroves can combat it before it even begins https://t.co/3FArj6QFf3 @IUCN_forests h…

18 March 2018

RT @japantimes: A journey by kayak through Iriomote’s mangrove forests https://t.co/eT01SP3k5L https://t.co/hvM1Sh7aMJ

17 March 2018

RT @WILDCOAST: Mexico has vastly undervalued the potential of mangrove protection to reduce its emissions. This article gives us improved d…

16 March 2018

want to collect #mangrove data? Thanks to @USFWS @USAID and @WWF_Deutschland there's an app for that… https://t.co/vVWvv3o5Qq

15 March 2018

ICYMI Brazil made some big #conservation news last week, a new initiative to protect even more marine & coastal hab… https://t.co/VzrgBrSVtP

13 March 2018

The Summit may be over but #ocean #conservation remains critical in Mexico, read more 👇 https://t.co/Xl57YmqqB3

12 March 2018

RT @NatCapCoalition: Women Are Championing Mangrove Conservation in Nigeria https://t.co/v3zcJSBNyP #NatCapHub #Mangroves #Nigeria #Overhar…

12 March 2018

RT @danfriess: Fantastic article by Dr Amir Aldrie @ukm_my about the wonder and importance of Malaysia's mangroves https://t.co/PKgbChOJxq

11 March 2018

RT @JustinCMAdams: The Brazilian govt taking steps to ensure sustainable use and restoration of #mangroves https://t.co/IO1xFi18CQ

09 March 2018

the country hosting the #OceanSummit is taking care of its rivers to safeguard important #mangroves… https://t.co/yA7oEnGtVl

09 March 2018

RT @mrjonkhoo: “If we could stop the destruction of #mangroves, we’d save an equivalent of the carbon emissions of Spain...” - @AndrewSteer…

09 March 2018

RT @climatelinks: #Women are playing a central role in protecting #mangroves and building climate-resilient coastal communities around the…

09 March 2018

RT @msanjayan: Visited an amazing group of women on #Chira island #CostaRica restoring #mangroves @ConservationOrg #InternationalWomensDay…

09 March 2018

RT @max_bello_m: Brasil ahora se suma al liderazgo de America Latina en la creación de áreas marinas protegidas gracias a la gente de Brasi…

09 March 2018

RT @keithl007: Claudio Maretti, @ICMBio: Brazil to create 2 HUGE mosaics of marine protected areas! AND planning how to conserve the incred…

09 March 2018

"only 3 million hectares of mangroves remain, down from nearly double that three decades ago" https://t.co/TuLcOcpdB9 #mangroves #ocean

09 March 2018

Brazil has an enormous 1.4 million ha of mangroves, its global leadership in forest protection and conservation is… https://t.co/Ef5IWkcwx5

08 March 2018

Big news for nature! We look forward to supporting the Government of Brazil and its #BrazilianBlue Initiative, focu… https://t.co/PAPN1Q4zdP

08 March 2018

RT @ibaleiajubarte: A mensagem do Presidente @MichelTemer ao #OceanSummit anuncia a criação das grandes Áreas Marinhas Protegidas! Uma gran…

08 March 2018

Big News! Brazil is stepping up efforts to protect its coasts --> https://t.co/qlBVfwp2OG #OceanSummit #Mangroves https://t.co/mK4W98FSp4

08 March 2018

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