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A new Data Portal for Mangroves

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Explore and download a compilation of the best available mangrove datasets. It's now just one click away.

Looking for a mangrove dataset to complete your report or add to your study? The Mangrove Knowledge Hub has you covered — a new ‘Open Data Portal’ has been added to this website. Here you can explore, view, and query geospatial data related to mangroves and associated ecosystems. The portal can help to identify synergies in work, view and compare different approaches, and promote and distribute spatial data for coastal ecosystem science and monitoring. It was designed particularly for those looking to do more interdisciplinary analysis of tropical coastal ecosystems and the people they support.

You can find the Data Portal on the top navigation bar.


It currently features summary information on mangrove extent and additional datasets on biomass, coral reef systems and more. You can use the keyword search to find data of interest, or search by location name.

The portal is being used to develop additional monitoring and mapping tools to support mangrove conservation, and assess progress towards the GMA’s global goals. The launch of the portal coincides with the soon-to-be released most recent update on mangrove status from Global Mangrove Watch.

Are there additional datasets you’d like to see hosted or included on the portal? Have information to share or comments? Then please contact Aurélie Shapiro (aurelie.shapiro@wwf.de).