Liz Guinessey

National Audubon Society

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With a BS in Environmental Sciences from the University of Florida and a MS in Ecology from the University of Georgia, I have experience in the conservation and restoration of coastal wetlands, payment for ecosystem services schemes, and working with local communities to implement conservation. I have lived and worked in various countries in Latin America, including spending a year in Costa Rica as a Fulbright scholar evaluating the social and ecological outcomes of a community-based mangrove restoration project. I will be representing the National Audubon Society in the GMA, where I am currently working as the Program Associate for Audubon’s International Alliances Program. Our team works with partner organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean to ensure full life cycle conservation of Audubon’s priority species, and we work closely with local communities to achieve meaningful conservation outcomes. Growing up in south Florida, I spent a lot of time in mangroves and I am happy to contribute to their protection with the GMA.