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We're building a global community committed to securing mangroves and protecting the important role these forests play in our world.

Our vision

Developing this Mangrove Knowledge Hub delivers on a shared vision of the Global Mangrove Alliance and BMZ’s Save Our Mangroves Now! effort. We set out to create a clearinghouse for information that is accessible to anyone via an easy-to-navigate website. Information is critical if we’re to collectively increase the world’s mangrove cover at a scale that really matters for people and the planet.

The Hub has general education content on mangroves as well as the details of projects making an impact around the world. We are also collecting and posting the types of resources that help communities, governments, policy-makers, the private sector and non-governmental organizations take action and support proven approaches that restore and protect mangroves. And we’re just getting started.

Access to knowledge enhances collaboration and coordination among those on the front lines of protecting and restoring mangrove forests. The Mangrove Knowledge Hub will continue to grow and expand in ways that create efficiencies to help create change. Let us know what you think. 


About the Global Mangrove Alliance

The Global Mangrove Alliance is the chief custodian of the Mangrove Knowledge Hub. Our alliance brings together technical experts, civil society organizations, governments, local communities, businesses, funding agencies and foundations to accelerate a comprehensive, coordinated, global approach to mangrove conservation and restoration at a scale that matters.


There are many ways to bring mangrove conservation to scale. The Global Mangrove Alliance will use its collective strengths and partnerships to address the barriers to large-scale mangrove conservation and restoration through several streams of work, including:


Develop novel and diverse valuation and financing mechanisms that help take mangrove ecosystem conservation and restoration to scale.


Work with governments to develop integrated management plans that consider the multijurisdictional nature of mangrove conservation and restoration.


Build awareness among policymakers, nancing institutions, NGOs and others of the multiple bene ts and cost e ectiveness of conserving and restoring mangroves for climate change adaptation, mitigation and human well-being.


Develop real-world examples of integrating mangroves into national-level management plans, and local scale demonstrations of improved human well-being due to mangrove conservation and restoration.


Develop the knowledge and tools required to integrate mangroves and their ecosystem services into national level mitigation, adaptation, disaster risk reduction and land-use strategies.


The target of the Alliance is to increase the global area of mangrove habitat 20% over current extent by the year 2030. This target underpins and helps deliver objectives, including climate adaptation, climate mitigation, sustaining biodiversity and improving human well-being.

Climate Adaptation

Increase coastal communities’ resilience to the impacts of climate and ocean change through $10 billion of total investments. These investments will improve the effectiveness of mangrove ecosystem-based adaptation measures and ecosystem-based approaches to disaster risk reduction being implemented globally.

Climate Mitigation

Eliminate all mangrove-associated anthropogenic GHG emissions through the comprehensive protection, sustainable use and restoration of mangroves.

Sustain Biodiversity

Ensure the long-term continuity of mangrove-associated biodiversity by halting human-induced mangrove habitat loss and helping local stakeholders to sustainably manage mangrove resources.

Food Security and Human Well-Being

Improve the well-being of an additional 10 million people dependent on coastal ecosystems, including the most vulnerable communities, through restoration and conservation of mangrove.


The Global Mangrove Alliance is currently coordinated by members Conservation International, The International Union for the Conservation of Nature, The Nature Conservancy, Wetlands International and World Wildlife Fund.

We are always looking for new members.
If you would like to consider joining the Alliance, please click here for more information or contact us.