The National Chapters and Implementation Working Group

The GMA recognizes that to be able to meet the ambitious goals we need to support on the ground actions to halt losses, increase protections, and promote science-based restoration. The joint working group of National Chapters and Implementation, supports the development of national chapters of the Global Mangrove Alliance which includes defining the national goals pertaining to mangroves and synergies with the GMA goals. In parallel to the formation of the national chapters, we are conducting a stocktake of the GMA members’ skill sets. Through this process we are able to identify common and unique needs of the different national chapters, which we can then match with the different skills and expertise within different GMA working groups and inside, and outside of, GMA member organizations and individuals. With the overall aim of facilitating implementation of on the ground activities to support both national and global goals.


  • Support the development of national chapters of the Global Mangrove Alliance 
    • Identify national priorities and how they link to the GMA Goals
    • Identify and understand the needs of individual national chapters that will allow them to meet national and GMA goals
  • Identify common needs across national chapters and link them to expertise inside and outside the GMA – as identified in country roadmaps and other materials developed during their formation.
  • Stocktake to know the skill sets available within the GMA to match them with the needs of chapters
  • Support actions to achieve the GMA Goals
  • Work with national chapters to provide input on and co-create GMA tools, products, and research
  • Support activities that integrate with the other GMA working groups

Working Group Leads

Steven Canty, PhD
Smithsonian Institution

María Claudia Díaz Granados
Conservation International

Maricé Leal
The Nature Conservancy

Dominic Wodehouse, PhD
Mangrove Action Project