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World leaders focus on climate solutions

mangroves are a nature-based solution in the tropics

This is a big week for mangroves. Here's what to watch.

Mangroves are front-and-center in the conversation about nature-based solutions to the climate crisis.  These coastal forests provide significant buffering against coastal erosion, storm surge, and sea level rise, all of which are accelerating due to climate change. At the same time mangroves are already being utilized in adaptation projects, which seek to use nature to promote resilience to climate impacts.

But mangroves can do more.

Blue carbon—the carbon that is captured and stored in coastal ecosystems—can be locked away in the soils beneath mangroves for hundreds to thousands of years, if left undisturbed. Scientists estimate that mangroves store 3 to 4 times more carbon than tropical forests.

The world could realize a US$1 trillion benefit, according to the Global Commisson on Adaptation

As world leaders from government and industry take action to stave off the worst effects of climate change, mangroves must be part of the solution. In fact, according to recent analysis, the world could realize a US$1 trillion benefit from backing mangrove protections. It will take coordinated action to realize such a return on investment, and it will take commitment across sectors.

The good news is the conversation is happening at the highest levels, and advocates are making mangroves part of that dialogue.

Here’s what to expect this week.






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