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Climate-smart management in the Mesoamerican Reef

Written By: Alejandra Calzada Vazquez Vella, WWF Mexico

Mangrove restoration is being used by the Smart Coasts project as part of its response to climate change in the Mesoamerican Reef region of Mexico.

Smart Coasts is applying a science-based, participatory approach to its management of protected areas and coast. As well as mangrove restoration, the project has identified a range of other ecosystem-based adaptation options to reduce local communities’ vulnerability to climate change.

Analyses were run to identify sites where mangrove restoration could maximize benefits to local communities, notably by enhancing protection from erosion, flood and sea level rise, and by enhancing or supporting tourism, as one of the main industries in the region.

By working with multiple partners across the region, this approach is helping guide investments in mangrove restoration to optimize resources and increase climate change resilience.