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COP26: Action for mangroves & communities

A Newsletter from the Global Mangrove Alliance

October 25, 2021


We are one week away from the 26th Conference of Parties (COP) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), a global event that brings together heads of state and non-governmental organizations from around the world to discuss climate change and the actions necessary to slow it’s devastating advance. After a year’s delay, it is more urgent than ever for governments to not only commit to tempering climate change, but also to finally implement the actions they have been discussing for years.

Working with nature and financing sustained conservation is one of the best actions involved parties can take to counteract climate change. Along coasts, mangroves are one of the best tools. The trees and their surrounding ecosystems are an incredible solution to many of the devastating impacts of climate change including storm surges, food insecurity, and warming temperatures. But they need active protection.

According to The State of the Worlds Mangroves report, released earlier this year, over 60% of recent mangrove loss is due to human impacts. With over 6,000 square kilometers of restorable land, governments need to halt deforestation and work with communities to build up sustainable livelihoods and resilient coastlines.

Everyone has a role to play in saving mangrove forests. This COP26, we call on people around the world—particularly governments, industry, NGOs, and academia—to advocate on behalf of mangroves and accelerate protection and restoration efforts.

The Global Mangrove Watch, UN Race to Resilience campaign, and our Global Mangrove Alliance Knowledge Hub are all great sources for understanding the extent of mangroves and learning how to make conservation and restoration choices that will last.

Learn more about the actions our members are taking to conserve mangroves in our full newsletter.

COP26 Events we’re watching
Follow along with us throughout the two weeks of the COP, especially as we keep up with the following:

  • Blue Carbon Protections in NDCs – Enhancing Ambition through Nature-Based Solutions
    • NDC Partnership Pavilion & Online
    • 4 November 11-12 GMT
  • Ocean Action Day
    • 5 November
  • Nature-based Solutions for Resilient Infrastructure
    • Resilience Hub & Online
    • 5 November 10-11 GMT
  • Nature Day
    • 6 November
  • Coastal Blue Carbon Panel – The vital role of mangroves for climate change mitigation and adaptation
    • Science Show Theatre
    • 6 November 9:30-10:30 GMT
  • Mobilizing ocean-climate action at all levels for increased climate ambition
    • Lomond Auditorium
    • 6 November 11:30-12:45 GMT
  • Adaptation, Loss, and Damage Day
    • 8 November
  • Ocean Action is Climate Action: Accelerating Resilience to Secure a Sustainable Future for Coastal Communities
    • Blue Zone Hall 5 or virtual platform
    • 8 November 12-13.30pm GMT
  • Blue Carbon Conservation and Restoration in Action: Examples from the Commonwealth
    • Commonwealth Pavilion & potentially Online
    • 8 November 11-12 GMT
  • Green-Gray Infrastructure: Building Diverse Partnerships to Scale Innovations for Coastal Adaptation
    • Nature+ Pavilion
    • 9 November 17-18 GMT
We will continue to post updates on our website and social media.