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Watch Now: The Science Behind Remote Sensing

Including the launch of Global Mangrove Watch

Watch Now!

Global Mangrove Alliance members hosted two live events marking milestones in mapping mangroves for World Mangrove Day 2020. Hundreds of people from around the world joined in with ideas and questions. Below are the agendas and recordings for each session.

Session I

Global Mangrove Watch: monitoring to catalyse the protection and restoration of mangroves

Join Global Mangrove Alliance members for a first glimpse of Global Mangrove Watch and explore with us the breadth of available mangrove data, from cover change and soil carbon to living biomass and canopy height.

This session introduces the tool and its use to scientists, decision-makers, community members, and other stakeholders. Learn how the platform visualizes information to convey trends and hotspots and understand how it can be a critical tool in mangrove conservation and restoration.


Session II

The Science Behind Remote Sensing

Remote sensing and machine learning have emerged as important tools to monitor critical mangrove habitats. Our second session  provides the opportunity to understand the science happening behind remote sensing of mangrove, both on a local and global level.