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GMA at the GEF Assembly

Bringing #mangroves to the forefront of efforts to protect nature and keep people fed, safe and employed

A Side Event

Leveraging opportunities for mangrove conservation & restoration to meet national, global priorities

Mangrove forest ecosystems are some of the most productive ecosystems on earth and their fate directly impacts the coastal communities living around or behind them. They play a major role in climate mitigation, coastal protection, and fisheries provisions. Thus, there is a strong argument at the global, national and local scale for conserving and restoring mangroves.

Read more about the topic and the invited speakers who share unique perspectives from around the world. The side event is being held in Da Nang on Tuesday, June 26, at 1:30PM. The details

Why this conversation matters

“National governments have a lead role to play in zeroing in on solutions that bring the role of mangroves to the forefront"

A recent poll of leaders from developing countries ranked the UN Sustainable Development Goal on oceans as the lowest priority of all 17 goals, even though SDG 14 has the highest number of voluntary commitments.

Given the prominent role of healthy mangrove ecosystems around the world, it will take action from industry, governments and other institutions.

The background

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