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"Strengthening collaboration of mangrove conservation"

Statement from the Government of Thailand on World Mangrove Day 2017

On World Mangrove Day 2017, governments from tropical regions rich in mangrove habitat issued statements recognizing the important role these forests play in daily life and nature.

Thailand has 3,010 km long coastlines that supports millions of coastal livelihoods as well as providing shelter, income from tourism and trade. From 1961 – 1996 Thailand thailandlost more than 50% of mangrove forests. Through a lot of effort on mangrove restoration by the governments, civil societies, and private sectors from 1997 – 2014, Thailand mangrove areas increased by  1.5 times more than year 1996. To date, Thailand’s national policy to restore 50,000 rai (8,000 ha) from 2017 – 2021 (NESDB) and encourage communities to participate in mangrove management. Thailand was one of the first countries to participate in the Mangroves for the Future (MFF) initiative, from 6 countries member in 2007, to 11 countries member has strengthening collaboration of mangrove conservation in the Region.  With the new partnership between MFF and the Global Mangrove Alliance (GMA) will help Thailand strengthen conservation efforts for sustainable management of mangrove ecosystems in the future generations.

Dr. Maitree Doungsawadi

Chairman of MFF National Coordinating Body, Expert member of Thailand National Sub-committee on Mangrove and Coastal Ecosystem Management, Thailand