Introducing the world's first comprehensive map of Global Mangrove Alliance member projects

Map shares more than 270 projects in over 50 countries

Around the world, NGOs, governments, and communities are working hard to protect mangroves, and conservation and restoration efforts are always more effective when they are coordinated and collaborative.


This World Mangrove Day 2019, for the first time, we’ve fully mapped the work being done right now by Global Mangrove Alliance members across boundaries, oceans and organizations to conserve mangroves. We’ve plotted more than 270 projects in over 50 countries.


This include more than 85 projects in the Caribbean and the Americas, more than 60 in Africa, more than 75 in Asia, and more than 15 in Australia and the Pacific. Projects range from on-the-ground restoration to education, governance, spatial planning, ecotourism, blue carbon accounting and research, and more.

An analysis of the number of projects is not groundbreaking on its own. The real promise comes when people—governments, funders, NGOs—put that information to work. A guiding principle of the Global Mangrove Alliance has always been to do more, faster, together. And there are definitive lessons to be learned and existing work ready to be scaled up in order to help meet national and international commitments. This new map and the entire Mangrove Knowledge Hub are ready to serve as a resource for those looking to collaborate with and learn from other groups working to conserve mangroves and the many benefits they provide.


Explore the map to learn more.