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Mangrove Conservation for Ocean Action


Oceans are incredibly biodiverse and important for livelihoods, food, and so much more. Despite mangroves taking up only a small percentage of ocean coastlines, they have an outsized impact on the benefits that oceans provide, like sheltering fish and shellfish and holding onto sediment and nutrients that would otherwise smother other underwater ecosystems. On World Oceans Day today, the theme is “Uniting Ocean Action.” While much of the ocean is out of reach for many of us, helping our ocean coasts, and working to protect and restore mangroves, is a more accessible, and tangible way to support our oceans.

These newsletters put the spotlight on events and projects that our Global Mangrove Alliance membership is leading and that you can become involved in to help oceans, people, and climate change mitigation worldwide.  Today, we’re sharing funding opportunities, workshops, conferences, restoration projects, and community engagement stories to give you opportunities and inspiration to become involved in mangrove, and ocean, action from wherever you live. Read more about these updates below.

We’ll have more to share from our Alliance on our website and social media channels around the UN Ocean Conference at the end of June and in the lead up to the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem on July 26. Happy World Oceans Day!

Read the full Oceans Day newsletter here.

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