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Mangrove Photography Awards 2022

For more information and to participate visit the Mangrove Photography Awards site

Mangrove Action Project has launched its eighth annual Mangrove Photography Awards. The competition invites photographers of all levels around the world to contribute their images to celebrate the beauty and diversity of mangrove forests and inspire action to conserve them. Mangroves are simultaneously one of the world’s most important ecosystems, and one of the most threatened. Last year’s judge Robert Irwin said “Today, less than half the world’s original mangrove forests remain, it has never been more important to promote the conservation of these fragile ecosystems through inspiring photography.”

There are six categories that appeal to a range of interests and approaches, including a new category; Mangroves & Stories, which showcases a photographer’s portfolio of work illustrating a commitment towards conservation that tells a powerful story about our mangroves. This year’s competition will be judged by conservation and wildlife photographers Beverly Joubert, Dhritiman Mukherjee, Bertie Gregory, and Nadia Aly.

Last year’s competition received over a thousand entries with some unique images showing the underwater world of mangroves, magnificent and endangered wildlife, fly-over aerials, and a passion to protect and restore these vital ecosystems. All entries will be showcased as an online mangrove exhibition on 26th July, World Mangrove Day. The overall winner will be crowned the Mangrove Photographer of the Year, with winners announced for each of the categories, as well as this year’s Young Mangrove Photographer of the Year, in September 2022.

More information on the free competition can be found here.

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