Mangroves at UNFCCC COP 24

Nature-based solutions to climate change, like mangroves, drive conversations at the 24th COP

Mangroves are tightly linked to climate change, as both a tool for mitigation and an at-risk ecosystem. At the annual United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in December, mangroves were a part of the larger conversation about nature-based climate solutions.


The Global Mangrove Alliance hosted a mangrove-focused side event in coordination with the Save Our Mangroves Now! initiative, led by WWF-Germany.  Representatives from GMA organizations including CI, IUCN, RARE, TNC, Wetlands International, and WWF highlighted the ways in which mangrove restoration and conservation can help countries demonstrate more ambitious efforts to address climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts, as well as strengthen their Nationally Determined Contributions and other policy commitments.

The event kicked off with a Talanoa Dialogue-inspired mangrove storytelling session, during which government representatives from Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea all spoke compellingly about what mangrove ecosystems mean for climate mitigation and adaptation in their countries. A recording of the event can be found here.

Julika Tribukait (WWF-Germany) shares guidance for mangrove investment and legal frameworks for mangrove conservation, produced by Save our Mangroves Now!


Mangroves were also highlighted by the Sustainable Development Goals Communities of Ocean Action. Our Ocean as a Climate Solution dove into the linkages between climate and the ocean. Ali Raza Rizvi of IUCN represented the Mangroves Community of Ocean Action and shared some of the mangrove Voluntary Commitments (VC) that NGOs and governments have made. “60% of these commitments directly contribute towards climate action” Rizvi stated.

Rizvi encouraged greater government engagement in mangrove conservation through VCs — NGOs and civil societies currently lead on the number of commitments pledged. “At the end of the day the mandate for mangrove restoration is with the states…all these pledges may not be realized unless those states have the ownership and they move forward”

You can join the community to and make a pledge here.

The Global Mangrove Alliance and our partners look forward to building mangrove conservation action from these valuable discussions in Poland.