Mangrove, Macrobenthos, and Management 2019

The Global Mangrove Alliance looks forward to engaging with the community of mangrove researchers during MMM5 through panels, presentations, and a special reception.


Global Mangrove Alliance reception

The Global Mangrove Alliance believes that our decisions should be guided by the best available science. We are also in a unique position to coordinate, compile, and disseminate the best available mangrove knowledge and resources for governments, communities, environmental managers, researchers, and communicators.

We invite all MMM5 attendees to an evening reception where will share the vision of the GMA and facilitate connections between GMA members and applied mangrove researchers.


Please join us on July 3 at 5:30 PM SGT at Singapore Sustainability Academy in the Gallery Room and terrace

Global Mangrove Alliance overview will begin at 6:00 PM, followed by poster presentations and networking with GMA members. Speakers include Dr. Jen Howard (Conservation International) and Dr. Dominic Andradi-Brown (World Wildlife Fund).

The SSA is located at 180 Kitchener Rd. Take the elevator at City Square Mall to Skypark Level 6. Go through the main entrance of the SSA and take a right, and the Gallery Room and terrace will be in front of you.


GMA member project presentations

Throughout week: WWF and Save Our Mangroves Now! exhibition booth

Monday, July 1

“Trends and Changes in Mangrove Canopy Height, Biomass, and Carbon Stocks” Dr. Lola Fatoyinbo, NASA

Tuesday, July 2

Poster: “A Comprehensive Review of Global Mangrove Extent, Biomass, and Carbon Estimates” Dr. Lola Fatoyinbo, NASA

Thursday, July 4

“Developing a Blue Carbon Mangrove Conservation Project in Cispata, Colombia” Dr. Jen Howard, Conservation International

Lightning talk and Poster: “A Promising Partnership: Improving Financial Investments in Mangrove Management and Conservation by Engaging the Private Sector” Raphaelle Flint, WWF and Save Our Mangroves Now!

Poster: “Villager Participation in Mangrove Management is Not a Panacea and Needs Additional Capacity-Building Intervention” Dominic Wodehouse, Mangrove Action Project

Friday, July 5

“Using Community-Based Ecological Mangrove Restoration in Abandoned Shrimp Ponds, Southern Thailand: Successes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned” Jim Enright, Mangrove Action Project

“Knowledge Gaps Negatively Affects Village-level Mangrove Planting Outcomes” Dominic Wodehouse, Mangrove Action Project

“Tangled Roots and Changing Tides: Understanding the Complicated, Interconnected, and Evolving Legal and Institutional Regimes Governing Mangrove Conservation and Sustainable Use” Anouk Neuhaus, WWF and Save Our Mangroves Now!