New technologies and participative strategies for small mangrove patches

Zoning studies in the Colombian Caribbean.

By: Milena Hernández Ortiz / INVEMAR

Colombia has made progress with one of the first projects to update the mangrove zoning of the Colombian Caribbean following an update to a 20-year-old legal regulation. With the new Resolution 1263 of 2018, new measures are expected to guarantee sustainability and management of the mangrove ecosystem.

The coastal zone of the Córdoba Department (region) and its small mangrove patches was the focus during the last year. A characterization study for mangrove management was undertaken using new technologies, including drone or satellite images that monitor change detection of natural coverage over time, for delimitation and identification of mangrove areas. In addition, information was collected on the carbon content in the mangrove sediment, the erosion processes that affect the ecosystem, and the assessment and identification of ecosystem services. These metrics are being analyzed alongside a community participation component, which is key to guiding territorial management processes with a community focus. With this information, a management tool will be generated in support of local and regional authorities and their partners to drive successful conservation actions for this ecosystem.