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"About 87% of Brazilian mangrove forests are inside protect areas"

Statement from the Government of Brazil on World Mangrove Day 2017

On World Mangrove Day 2017, governments from tropical regions rich in mangrove habitat issued statements recognizing the important role these forests play in daily life and nature.

As home to 7.4% of the world’s mangrove forests, Brazil, the second country in mangrove extension in the world, has demonstrated a strong commitment to protecting these unique and critical ecosystems: aboutsoavisnki_brunobimbato 87% of Brazilian mangrove forests are inside protect areas. As well as promoting engagement of local communities in sustainable use of its natural resources, including through the extractive reserves (protected areas equivalent to the category VI). We are encouraged that the Global Mangrove Alliance is bringing international attention to the importance of mangroves and the need to better protect, manage, and restore them for the benefit of people and nature, particularly due to their roles in climate change adaptation and mitigation and sustainability of livelihoods.

Ricardo Soavinski

President of the Chico Mendes Institute for Conservation of Biodiversity