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Realizing the $1 trillion net benefit of protecting mangroves

A new report from the Global Commission on Adaptation calls for investing in mangrove forests

One of the best solutions to the #climatecrisis is investing in nature.

A new report from the Global Commission on Adaptation outlines what the world stands to gain if it invests in mangroves, and other adaptation efforts, to mitigate climate change.

According to Act Now: A Global Call for Leadership on Climate Resilience, “investing $1.8 trillion globally in five areas from 2020 to 2030 could generate $7.1 trillion in total net benefits.”

“The five areas we consider are early warning systems, climate-resilient infrastructure, improved dryland agriculture, mangrove protection, and investments in making water resources more resilient. This represents only a portion of the total investments needed and total benefits available.”

As the world aims for ambitious climate targets, the Global Commission on Adaptation makes clear that mangroves are part of the solution.

"We find that adaptation actions bring multiple benefits, which we call the triple dividend." - Global Commission on Adaptation

Read the full report here.