© Martina Lippuner / WWF-Africa

Sustaining Momentum for Mangrove Restoration and Protection

World Wetlands Day 2023


Since our formation, the Global Mangrove Alliance has been an ardent advocate of science-based restoration and protection of mangrove ecosystems. It’s why we co-launched the Mangrove Breakthrough with the UN Climate Champions and 30 other endorsers at the UNFCCC COP27 in November and are expanding our active network through National Chapters, Working Groups, and Membership.

Today is Wetlands Day and the theme, determined by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, is “it’s time for wetland restoration”. It is always time for restoration, but as 2030 climate and biodiversity targets draw closer, it’s critical that we keep moving forward on existing efforts and scale up new initiatives to reach our lofty, but achievable, goals. To keep up momentum, our Alliance is continually adding to our suite of global and regional best practice materials for restoring and protecting forests. They are freely available and we encourage their use. They include:

In the coming months, our Alliance will be sharing more about implementing the Mangrove Breakthrough, furthering action on the ground, and scaling up our work to reach our 2030 goals.

If you are interested in joining the Global Mangrove Alliance, please visit the newest page on our website at https://www.mangrovealliance.org/join-the-alliance/. For more information on the work being done by our members, read our full newsletter, available here.