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UN Special Envoy for the Ocean Speaks to Need for Saving Mangroves

When it comes to implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14, world leaders are coordinating communities of practice - and they're focusing some of that energy on mangroves.

Our planet’s future is entirely dependent on sustainable development, which is why the United Nations has organized around a series of goals to “end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.”  There are several that are directly connected to mangroves, including one focused on the ocean.

UN Special Envoy for the Ocean Peter Thomson grew up with mangroves in his backyard in Fiji. “I’m very aware about the life that exists in a mangrove forests,” Thomson said. “The diversity of it. The incredible beauty of it.”

UN Special Envoy for the Ocean Peter Thomson addresses a meeting of the mangrove community of practice in Suva Fiji.

There are more than 1400 voluntary commitments that have been made since the June 2017 UN Ocean Conference and 83 of those are focused on mangroves. A list of pledges can be found here.