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Uniting Global Mangrove Ambition

A Newsletter from the Global Mangrove Alliance

November 2022 NEWSLETTER

Climate change is the biggest threat of our time. But with nature-based solutions, like mangroves, we can check the rate of change and adapt to our changing planet. Our Alliance’s new goal to halt mangrove loss, restore half of recent losses, and double the protection of mangroves globally by 2030 is for the future of our climate, coastal peoples, and biodiversity. We can’t reach these ambitious targets alone and depend on local and national policy action, financing, and partnership with coastal communities to make tangible progress towards a thriving mangrove future.

Many commitments towards policy action and financing will be made this month during the Climate COP27 and Wetlands COP14 to build on Nationally Determined Contributions to the Paris Agreement. These growing and widespread ambitions towards mangrove conservation show a clear need to unify the global approach.

That’s the intention of The Mangrove Breakthrough—launched today.

Our Alliance, in collaboration with the UN Climate Change High-level Champions, are calling for signatories to commit to a shared global target and create an investment ready pipeline for mangroves. The Mangrove Breakthrough aims to use collective action to secure the future of 15 million hectares of mangroves globally by 2030 in alignment with the goals of the Global Mangrove Alliance and by ensuring sustainable long-term financing by achieving an investment of 4 Billion USD by 2030 to conserve and revitalize these coastal ecosystems.

Current signatories to the breakthrough include Global Mangrove Alliance members, the Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance (ORRAA), and Salesforce, among many others. To join this Breakthrough framework, contact Emily Goodwin and Ignace Bedouin.

There are many other events happening in the mangroves, climate, and ocean space in the next few weeks. For a list of events that members of the Global Mangrove Alliance are involved in, click here. For more information on the work being done by Alliance members, read our full newsletter, available here.

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