Photo by Octavio Aburto 

Valuing carbon stocks at the municipality level in Mexico 

Written By: Joy Kumagai and Astrid Hsu, University of California San Diego 

Preventing deforestation in just 25 Mexican municipalities—of 175 with mangroves—would cut future impacts and social costs from the release of carbon by 50%.  Using existing spatial, ecological and economic data, researchers identified the monetary value of mangrove carbon stocks and sequestration in Mexico. The economic impact of preventing carbon releases from deforestation was also calculated and used to develop a prioritization scheme for conservation across the country.  This research also included a set of management recommendations to be considered for Mexico’s national commitments1.

  1. Kumagai, JA, et al, Prioritizing mangrove conservation across Mexico to facilitate 2020 NDC ambition. Ambio, 2020. 49(12): p1992-2002.

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