© Enrico Marone / 2019 Winning Photo

Worldwide Mangrove Photography Contest 2020

Raising Global Awareness of Mangrove Forests through Mangrove Action Project’s Photography Contest

Mangrove Action Project’s annual World Mangrove Day Photography Contest has launched and is open for entries


The contest will be judged by world-renowned conservation & National Geographic photographers Cristina Mittermeier, Steve Winter, Octavio Aburto, and Jennifer Hayes


The aim of the contest is to promote awareness of the beauty and value of mangrove forests, which are under severe pressure from development globally

In honour of World Mangrove Day on July 26th 2020, the Mangrove Action Project is hosting its 6th annual World Mangrove Day Photography Contest. This year, the competition will be judged by four renowned conservation and National Geographic photographers – including Cristina Mittermeier, Steve Winter, Octavio Aburto, and Jennifer Hayes.

The competition, which is free and open to all participants, receives entries from dozens of countries worldwide. The aim is to promote awareness of the beauty and vital services of mangrove forests, which are simultaneously one of the world’s most important ecosystems, and one of the most threatened. According to MAP’s Executive Director, Dominic Wodehouse, “With so much of the planet’s mangroves already lost to a variety of factors, it is imperative to conserve and restore these ecosystems. Part of the solution includes raising awareness of mangroves’ value, as well as the threats they face.”

This year, the categories for photo entries are:


Mangroves & Wildlife

Mangroves & Communities

Mangroves & Threats

Mangroves & Conservation

There will be a winner announced for each of the categories, as well as an overall winner of the competition. The competition is open for entries until July 24th and the winners will be announced in September of 2020. More information on the competition can be found at http://mangroveactionproject.org/mangrovephotography/.

Mangrove Action Project (MAP) – Background

The Mangrove Action Project (MAP) is a US-registered 501 c (3), which has advocated for the conservation and restoration of global mangrove forests since 1992. MAP personnel, now based on several continents, have conducted mangrove workshops in more than 20 countries, teaching best practices for mangrove conservation, restoration, and education. MAP works with a variety of mangrove stakeholders, including coastal communities, NGOs, scientists, and governments to improve mangrove practices globally. More information on MAP can be found at www.mangroveactionproject.org.



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