Ecosystems Protecting Infrastructure and Communities (EPIC)

Using ecosystem-based approaches to protect communities from disasters and impacts of climate change

EPIC is a five year initiative that is promoting the implementation of ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction through five case studies in Burkina Faso, Chile, China, Nepal, Senegal and Thailand. The project is contributing to community resilience by:

  1. Documenting scientific evidence
  2. Building capacities to understand vulnerabilities and take action by using best practices
  3. Promoting effective policies for integrated approaches to disasters, climate change and environment management

Three key lessons from EPIC for effective ecosystem-based approaches:

  1. It is important to involve communitiese and valorize traditional knowledge to identify local strategies to cope with extreme events
  2. Science and research are important in informing and guiding effective strategies
  3. To ensure scaling-up of ecosystem-based approaches to natural disaster risks, it is important to work with authorities to inform and influence policy at local and national levels

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