Global Mangrove Alliance

Expanding the global area of mangrove habitat 20% over current extent by the year 2030.

Working collaboratively on climate adaptation, climate mitigation, sustaining biodiversity and improving human well-being.

With 67% of mangroves lost or degraded to date, and an additional 1% being lost each year, mangroves are at a risk of being destroyed altogether. Coastal development and aquaculture have been prioritized over the health and existence of mangrove ecosystems for decades, and this issue continues to persist today.

The Global Mangrove Alliance is an ambitious initiative that seeks to increase global mangrove cover by 20% by 2030. Launched in June 2017, the Alliance is an unprecedented collaboration that brings together NGOs, governments, industry, local communities and funders towards a common goal.

The Alliance will endeavor to implement its Global Mangrove Strategy to achieve global priorities and actions. It will provide a foundation on which all members will leverage funding, strengthen scientific research, strengthen coastal management, education, climate mitigation and adaptation related policies, and accelerate conservation and restoration of mangroves. We now have an opportunity to achieve scale above and beyond the capacity of any individual organization.

The Global Mangrove Alliance vision is built from lessons learned through our member’s vast collective portfolio of work regarding protecting, restoring, and valuing mangroves, and is updated by the members of the Global Mangrove Alliance on an annual basis. This vision will utilize our expertise across Alliance members to connect and coordinate isolated initiatives into a global portfolio that leverages and amplifies best practices and pursue development opportunities to support our work in mangrove conservation and restoration at scale. Our vision is supported through a set of strategic priorities, and driven by an expert team and implementation work plan.

Our Vision

Comprehensive mangrove conservation and landscape restoration that help the world mitigate and adapt to climate change, safeguard biodiversity, and enhance the wellbeing of the most vulnerable coastal people.

Our Niche

Effectively addressing the challenges of global mangrove loss and degradation requires a multi-pronged, multisector approach. And as such, coordination will be key. The Global Mangrove Alliance will capitalize on the diverse strengths and experiences of its members to facilitate understanding and knowledge sharing, coordinate projects on the ground, and connect a wide array of stakeholders as a means of ensuring successful science-based conservation and restoration of mangroves at an unprecedented scale.

Our Goals

The GMA will endeavor to increase resilience to the impacts of climate and ocean change through USD $10 billion of new investments as well as eliminate all mangrove-associated anthropogenic GHG emissions. In addition, our Alliance aims to ensure the long-term sustainability of mangrove associated biodiversity globally and improve the wellbeing of an additional 10 million people dependent on coastal ecosystems.

The focal areas of achieving these goals include financing, strengthening policy, building capacity, developing a proof of concept, and knowledge sharing. Our work in these areas will transcend traditional geographic, political, scientific, and organizational frameworks. Alliance issues are non-linear and should be considered simultaneously at local-to-global-to-local levels. Problems and opportunities will be tackled and pursued at all levels, based on the recognition that local resource concerns are impacted by decisions and trends emanating from local, national, and international levels.