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Taking Action to Save Mangroves

Wetlands Day 2022


Wetlands Action for People and Nature. Today’s Wetlands Day theme, chosen by the Convention on Wetlands Secretariat, is an apt one. Wetlands around the world are under the threat of destruction from infrastructure development, resource extraction, and climate change. As a result, an incredible range of biodiversity, such as the tigers in the Sundarbans, and human lives and livelihoods are at risk.

Mangrove ecosystems are unfortunately no exception. There are still news stories every month of mangroves being cut down or damaged by extreme weather events, like 2021 hurricanes Eta and Iota. However, there is reason for optimism. Deforestation and destruction have slowed in recent years and we continue to gain clearer understanding of mangroves, as evidenced in The State of the World’s Mangroves report. By protecting these coastal trees, all the benefits of mangroves to people and nature are preserved. Additionally, mangroves’ powerful ability to store tons of carbon out of the atmosphere provides a needed boost towards efforts to slow climate change.

Our Alliance has been taking action to protect and restore mangrove ecosystems around the world since 2018 by developing science, policy change, sustainable financing, and local capacity, and by supporting alternate livelihoods. You can take action and help us in our mission to save mangroves this Wetlands Day through the following:

  • Fill out the IUCN Mangrove Specialist Group’s Mangrove Priority Questions survey and tell us your priorities in mangrove science and management.
    • For scientists, managers, and policy/decision-makers
  • Visit the Global Mangrove Watch platform and learn about the power of mangrove wetlands around the world.
  • Use our Tools & Resources hub to discover techniques and strategies for funding and restoring long-term restoration and conservation projects in mangrove forests.
  • Keep up with the latest mangrove news on our TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook pages.
  • Read our member initiative updates in our full newsletter for more actions you can take and to learn about ongoing projects.

Read the full Wetlands Day newsletter here.

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