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Launch of the WIO socio-economic policy briefs

Following the successful launch of the #RootsofHope white paper at COP26 in Glasgow, we are proud to launch the WIO Policy Briefs – a brief overview and guidance for national policy decision-makers responsible for conservation, restoration, protection and sustainable management of mangrove ecosystems.

(c) IUCN ESARO/White Rhino Films

Like the white paper, the policy briefs focus on the socioeconomic value of mangroves in the Western Indian Ocean region. They provide an individual in-depth overview for each Save our Mangroves Now! focal country by highlighting the value and benefits as well as the economic, social, and environmental challenges of Mangroves in Madagascar, Mozambique and Kenya. The briefs further give concrete recommendations for policy makers in the region.

As the Policy Briefs build on the socio-economic profile reports, they are based on detailed studies such as literature research, interviews and statistics and therefore provide explicit, recent insights in the WIO region.

Read Policy Briefs: