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Engaging Local Ecological Knowledge to Inform Mangrove Restoration and Conservation

World Wetlands Day 2024

UPDATE:  The Local Ecological Knowledge guide is now available in full in Swahili, Bahasa, and Spanish languages.

As part of 2024 World Wetlands Day celebrations, the Global Mangrove Alliance is excited to produce a special edition newsletter to announce a new Guide sharing Local Ecological Knowledge as well as two upcoming webinars focused on improving restoration practices and climate-smart management of mangrove ecosystems. Read below for a preview of these announcements and click here to read through the full newsletter.

Our new guide “Including Local Ecological Knowledge in Mangrove Restoration & Conservation” was designed to help mangrove researchers and practitioners include local ecological knowledge in their projects.

Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK) is the knowledge, practices, and beliefs gained through extensive personal observation of and interaction with local ecosystems which is shared among local resource users and is typically handed down through generations of local inhabitants, often Indigenous.

This first of its kind guide provides a greater understanding into how researchers have included LEK about mangroves specifically and provides best practices for engaging with and harnessing the power of LEK in mangrove restoration and conservation. It also features more than twenty case studies of mangrove projects engaging LEK around the world.